Get To Know Our NEW Tropifruit Hydrating Mist

Tropifruit Hydrating Mist


For healthy skin, look no further than our soothing Tropifruit Hydrating Mist. This delicate, all-natural face mist will help you feel fresh and hydrated. No matter what season, celebrate fresher-looking, youthful skin. A spritz on your skin will revitalize your skin from the effects of the harsh elements. Whether your skin is dry from the blazing summer sun or the recycled indoor air of winter, our Tropifruit Hydrating Mist is sure to satisfy you. It is the perfect travel gift. It works extremely well for those who want to feel more natural after a long drive or during a flight. After a warm bath or first thing upon waking, our hydrating mist is sure to make you feel ready to take on the day. Once you give our soothing mist a try, you will wonder how your skin ever got along without it.

 Why we think you'll love it:

When choosing a beauty or skin product, you want to make sure to choose a product that is natural and good for your body. We are committed to using all-natural ingredients in our Tropifruit Hydrating Mist. We infuse our hydrating mist with mango, jackfruit, white tea, and hibiscus extracts to give it a dreamy tropical feel that you will keep coming back for more. We add all-natural hemp protein, as it helps with moisturizing and reducing facial lines and wrinkles. We also have added chamomile and coconut hydrosol to our Tropifruit mist. Hydrosols are some of the most gentle and safest aromatics for use in skincare products. Hydrosols are great for combating sunburn and caring for your complexion. They are also superior to essential oils for those with skin sensitivity. We have added both coconut and chamomile hydrosol to our Tropifruit Mist. Coconut quenches thirsty skin, while chamomile is wonderful for its calming effect. 

How to use:

Facial sprays are one of those skincare products that we love to have on hand for a refreshing dose of hydration. They're also just fun to use. Not to be confused with misting toners and makeup-setting sprays, these hydrating mists are meant to be spritzed on your face at any time throughout the day for a nice hydrating burst of skin-loving benefits. Our face mist helps refresh and moisturize your skin.